Realize your Full Factory Potential

Our mission: Enable Industry 4.0 Smart fabs through innovative decision support and execution software.

We provide the most comprehensive Industrial Engineering Software Suite for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  Our solutions increase capital productivity, labor efficiency and overall fab efficiency by presenting critical information, automating complex decision making, and delivering industry-leading execution capability - all in near real-time, and all from the convenience of any web browser, phone or tablet.

See the right information. Create the right schedule. Make the right moves


Proven Results

38% increase in deliveries per operator hour.
— 200 mm Fab with Factory Scheduler and NextMove
Overall 11% increase in Fab-wide activities, and with a reduction of direct labor.
— 300 mm fully-automated Fab with Factory Scheduler
Dramatically improved 95th percentile Cycle Time... 25% less rework
— 200 MM Fab with Factory Scheduler and NextMove

See the right information

Our reporting application suite marshals factory data into the critical charts needed to make decisions effectively. Over a decade of input from customers across the industry and integration with all leading MES systems have refined our products to capture standards and best practices. They are constantly updating and always current, so there is no time wasted running queries, generating reports or copying and pasting data. Our reports can immediately guide you to the problems and opportunities awaiting in your Fab.


- Factory Dashboard - Real Time Factory Information

- Historical Performance - Critical past performance reports

- Cycle Time - Dynamic and Finished Lot CT analysis

- Throughput - Historical throughput and statistical analysis

- Capacity Model - Static and Dynamic Models, including capability to include existing WIP 

- WIP Flush - Analyze predicted factory outs



Scheduler Picture.jpg


There is no need to be polite about old technology any more. Smart scheduling is better than dispatch logic. 

The FPS Factory and Area Schedulers give you the control you need to immediately align factory operations with the current business goals of the Fab. Better alignment = higher profitability. Management decides when and how to change the priorities by which the schedule is optimized. The floor focuses on operational excellence and executing according to the schedule. No sudden reaction-driven operational changes or clashes with conflicting instructions from a diverse authority chain - just an elegant separation of planning and execution.

Schedulers enable true alignment and balance between local and global priorities. Need to reduce the number of set up changes in Implant, but also increase the overall Fab Line Balance? Or make sure queue timers do not expire during a critical tool's annual PM? No problem - this is only the beginning of what our smart scheduling algorithms can handle.




Make the Right Moves

The only way to get the maximum benefit from a smart schedule is to follow it. With attractive, intuitive interfaces that call attention to current and upcoming actions, The FPS Next Move application makes it easy for operators to execute according to the plan. 

Next Move provides:

- 100% Operational Certainty - no question what to do next.

- Easy integration with the FPS Scheduler - takes the optimized schedule, breaks it down into simple steps to perform 

- Effective visual indicators of current and upcoming actions

- Sophisticated lot location tracking, including carts and racks



An Intelligent Data warehouse for all Fabs

Can advanced manufacturing solutions be applied in my fab? What if we don't have the data? What if our equipment is too old?

Our applications work with any MES. This is by design. By developing a digital twin using Smart manufacturing methodologies, we integrate all relevant data into the FPS Data Warehouse -  an advanced common platform for our applications. The FPS Data Warehouse not only stores production data - it immediately computes valuable extrinsic quantities like automatic throughput and cycle time information, as well as enhanced tool performance state information. It can be installed in as little as one month, providing uncommonly rapid ROI. 

If your factory has a MES, our Data Warehouse and products will work for you.




Finished Products, not a Framework

Other reporting solutions only provide a framework for writing reports which requires significant resources to develop and maintain. With INFICON, content and working solutions are provided. 


Predictable Success

All fabs benefit from our advanced solutions. We have a proven track record of commercial success at factories of all kinds: 

  • Any wafer size

  • Any run rate

  • Any product mix

  • Any level of automation/EI

  • Any MES/Infrastructure

Our products and team provide advanced capabilities at a fraction of typical headcount and cost. We are process-oriented execution experts who deliver exact timelines including a ROI forecast at the start of a project. 


We Extend your team

We give you the support you need to achieve success with our products. This means spending time on site, working extensively with all stakeholders, spearheading change management and providing 24/7 assistance. Beyond this however, we are experts in Industrial Engineering, Software, and Data Science. We can support specific requirements or requests, as well as provide deep knowledge in these areas. We are consultants who deliver far more than reports.