Cycle Time Analyzer

Understand Causes and Variation

Dynamic Cycle Time Analysis

There is no single metric more directly related to a Fab's profitability than cycle time. Understanding the factors influencing cycle time and its variation is an effort that pays for itself. Our cycle time analysis products are designed to highlight these factors and causes. We provide a full breakdown of cycle time into its components - efficient production, waiting, on hold, in transit, etc. High-level summaries allow you to see the big picture and drill down to see the details. 


  • Easy to navigate cycle time website available to anyone on the company intranet.

  • The individual components of cycle time (queue time, process time, post process time) are broken down visually.

  • Components of cycle time can be compared by product, by module, or by step within the product flow.

  • Charts showing average WIP levels allow you to see the interactions between WIP and cycle time.

  • Plan cycle time can be compared to actual data and edited directly from the site.

  • Analysis supports multiple averaging windows to show cycle time trends


Finished Lot Cycle Time Analysis

In addition to dynamic analysis, Finished Lot CT analyzer allows you to drill down and investigate every lot that finishes in the Fab.