Historical Performance

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The FPS Historical Performance application is a powerful addition to the Factory Dashboard. Whereas Dashboard creates a rich, interactive representation of the current state of the Factory, Performance allows fast visualization of the most critical factory performance metrics over time.

The Performance App generates reports on metrics like Moves, Average WIP, and WIP Turns, summarized at any level ranging from the whole Factory to individual Process Families, and broken down in time by shifts, days, and weeks. With this data, it is easy to get a quick and accurate idea of how the Factory as a whole, and any area within, is performing.

In addition to these metrics, Performance incorporates FPS’ uniquely valuable Enhanced Tool Performance (ETP) State model. This rich data quantifies essential state information such as Standby With WIP, or Missed Cascades with WIP, enabling diagnosis of areas with room for operational improvements.

Direct Dashboard Integration


The Performance App integrates directly into the FPS Factory Dashboard. When ‘Performance’ is installed, a new tab is added to the Dashboard navigation bar. Thus, current Factory information and historical data are easily accessible from a single interface.



Performance includes all of the common metrics present in typical in-house factory reporting systems, but with often greater reporting flexibility and customizability:




Performance App allows the plotting of multiple pieces of information in a single chart. Different data can be plotted in columns and lines and overlaid in time.

In this example, the columns show the average Factory WIP by day. The black line shows tool completes, and the orange line shows moves.

As with nearly all reports in our applications, the data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet to work with offline simply by clicking on the spreadsheet icon.