Our PRoducts

Achieve full factory potential


a Systematic approach

Our products are designed to enable factories to reach their full potential. This means higher profitability, meeting commits on time, and more control over the levers that matter. We have focused our extensive industry experience into the key areas where software makes the most difference:

Our Answer

  • Smart Data Warehouse

  • Web-Based Dashboards

  • Web-Based Reporting Applications

  • Scheduler

  • NextMove

The Need

  1. Store the right data

  2. Visualize your factory

  3. Analyze your factory

  4. Automated Execution

  5. Optimized WIP Movement


With our products in place, a virtuous circle is created in which Fab management has all the information and control needed to drive meaningful and continuous improvement .

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Smart Data





Factory Dashboard
Historical Performance
Cycle Time Analysis
Capacity Model
Wip Flush