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Fab of Tomorrow, Today.

SMART: Get started in your fab, today

SMART Manufacturing, or Industry 4.0 for our European friends, is the next step in maturing a fab. Any fab in the world can be transformed into a SMART fab. This isn't something that anyone need wait to enable. It simply requires a leadership team that is willing to make changes in their fab and enforce a new way of doing work. The old way isn't going to cut it any longer. There is too much pressure on the fab to continually lower costs to let the old way of running a factory dictate the future of that fab.

FPS can deploy the SMART Data Warehouse on any configuration today. There is no need to wait for AMHS or a new MES to start. An FPS deployment will 



FPS IS the infrastructure you need to convert your fab into a SMART FAB.

Agnostic Architecture designed for your fab

The FPS architecture, as seen below, is flexible and meets you, where your fab is. FPS does not require any minimum level of automation. FPS Scheduling is more accurate when lot and wafer start events can be extracted from your systems, however, FPS can accommodate in accurate data and drive throughput improvement during the deployment process.

The FPS architecture supplies the SMART capability that many MES providers claim. With Data WarehouseNextMove, and Scheduler FPS provides real time lot tracking, directed WIP Movement with or without AMHS, and precisely defined start and end times for WIP processing on equipment. 

FPS Architecture.png

Current MES deployments:

  • Camstar
  • Workstream
  • SiView
  • Fab300
  • Multiple Home Grown MES

Note: The FPS FabGuard Broker can help retrieve these equipment events from FabGuard if your site is an INFICON User, which can eliminate or minimize the need for an Equipment Interface specific project.


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Lights out fab

Fabs are under continual pressure to drive down costs. With the FPS Scheduler, it is possible to schedule windows to put pumps into a low power mode, such as the Busch COBRA BC pump series. FPS combined with INFICON FabGuard can use real time tool information and future WIP levels FPS can save your fab money on pump energy consumption and Abatement system gases.